The Event

4th Annual
Louisiana Soul Food Fall Festival

Food festivals are all about celebrating and enjoying food. Often, they are some of the only places that bring producers and consumers together under one roof. Traditionally, a food festival was a celebration of the harvest within a local community and a way to acknowledge the produce grown during the season.
The act of celebrating the harvest time can be traced back thousands of years, making food festivals an ancient tradition.
The Louisiana Soul Food Fall Fest is three days of amazing Southern Cuisine, live music, a Vendor’s Village, a Judged Soul Food Cooking Competition and a various awards for culinary excellence.
Empire Queenz anticipates utilizing a soon to be announced venue for the event. Empire Queenz adds a new dimension to the standard music & culinary arts festival format. This concept, hosted in Shreveport, augments the perceived value and would give festival attendees an entirely unique festival experience, each attendee taking home a once in- a-lifetime memory.

We are hoping to feature a variety local and national artists, dance groups, plus notable disk jockeys. The festival will make for an outdoors weekend of music.
Event Director Tammy T. Wright from Empire Queenz has several years of concert and festival production and promotion experience. Empire Queenz focuses on one
large project at a time, and performs an intense daily medley of efforts culminating, in what we are promising to be, the finest and safest multi-day food, music & arts festival ever held in Louisiana.
Surveys show resonantly, that people in the general region welcome and need the event. Community-conscious, Empire Queenz plans on embedding local
organizations, businesses, contractors and many individuals as workers and vendors, to help with the event. The local people of Shreveport are part of the festival. It’s an annuity for the community!

More Than Just Food

The Louisiana Soulfood Fall Fest will be a mix between food and music. Our event is as much about good music as it is about good food. The Louisiana Soulfood Fall Fest will be a ‘full blown weekend of soulfood, music & mayhem’ and we intend to carve a unique place within the USA food festival scene combining the best of a variety of music genres with the culture and cuisine of the south.


  • Create and professionally manage a unique and memorable food and music festival experience.
  • Create a unique event identified with “The Louisiana Soul Food Fall Fest”.
  • Establish operational capacity worthy of a world-class festival.
  • Enhance positive marketing exposure to Shreveport.
  • Ensure protection of event location, maintaining superior crowd and traffic control, ensuring safety for all onsite. There will be no alcohol sales permitted after sunset to enable responsible travel home
  • Maintain good government and community relations, obeying laws and using ethical business practices

Join us this coming August for the 4th annual LSFFF!

  • Date: August 23-25, 2024
  • Venue: Louisiana State Fairgrounds
  • Address: 3701 Hudson Ave, Shreveport, LA 71109
  • Tickets:
  • Events List: Click here

Scheduled Events

Below is what we have scheduled for our 4th Annual Louisiana SoulFood Fall Festival.