About Us


In Shreveport, the largest city on North Louisiana, The Louisiana SoulFood Fall Fest celebrates three days of enjoyment featuring amazing Southern Cuisine, live music, a Vendor’s Village, judged Soul Food Cooking Competitions, numerous awards for culinary excellence, various contests, and safe fun for all ages.

This festival is facilitated by Empire Queenz, a group of women making positive moves and a difference within the city. They give an effusive welcome to those near and far gathering to attend the festival. They utilize The Festival Plaza located at 101 Crockett St, Shreveport, LA 71101 to host the event. It adds a new dimension to the standard music & culinary arts festival format.

This concept enhances and augments the perceived value for the City of Shreveport and gives festival attendees an entirely unique, yet intriguingly amazing festival experience. Each attendee takes home a once-on-a-lifetime memory.

They along with other partners feature a variety of local and national artists, dance groups, plus notable disk jockeys. The festival makes for an outdoor weekend of multicultural and diverse genres of music.

Event Director & Founder Tammy T. Wright from Empire Queenz has several years of concert/festival production and promotion experience. Empire Queenz believe in focusing on one large meaningful project at a time. They perform an intense daily medley of efforts culminating in what hey are promising to be, the finest and safest multi-day food, music and arts festival ever held in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Surveys show resonantly that people in the general region welcome and look forward to this event. These community conscious women embed local organizations, businesses, contractors, and many individuals as workers and vendors to help with the event. The local residents of Shreveport play a major role in the success of the festival. It is a true annuity for the community.